Art Update!

Hello dear readers!

It’s been a productive couple of weeks at the hostel. I’ve folded more bedsheets than I can count. I’ve learned the fine art of making cheap Sangria. I’ve survived sharing a bedroom with six other people. I’ve discovered that with the proper amount of planning, running around anxiously, and panicking at the last minute, I can successfully cook a tasty dinner for 20-30 people.

When I’m not living the daring and mysterious life of a hostel worker, I’ve been working hard on projects to add to my art portfolio. (Shameless plug – my website is if you haven’t seen it already). I’m doodling digitally as well as in the sketchbook. Here are a few of the Illustrator drawings I’ve cranked out recently!

a drawing of Audrey Horne from twin peaks

Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks

Ed Norton's character from Fight Club

Ed Norton’s character from Fight Club

drawing of David Lynch

Director David Lynch

Yours Truly

Yours truly

I’ve also begun selling portraits over at Fiverr, which is a website for creators to sell their work freelance starting at $5. You can find the link to my portrait store here! Check it out!