Farewell to Mount Rose

Yesterday I hiked Mount Rose, possibly for the last time.  I don’t know when I’ll be back, if I ever do come back to Reno.

Isn’t strange how sometimes goodbyes aren’t as dramatic as they should be? No matter how hard we try to remind ourselves that “this is the last one” or “I’ll never get the chance to do this again”, we can’t force the occasion to feel any different than it would otherwise.  Sometimes the last one or the last time just feels like every other time.

So this was my farewell hike up Mount Rose, and it was about like every other time I’ve hiked it.

That said – summiting an 11,000-foot mountain with incredible views of a gigantic blue mountain lake and a beloved city is still summiting an 11,000-foot mountain! And what a clear, beautiful day it was!



Fly Mary Fly!

I’m Mary.  Welcome to my travel blog!

person standing on a shelf of rock with mountains in the background

Enjoying the beautiful Catalina mountains outside of Tucson, Arizona

Mainly I’ll use this blog to chronicle my travels – for posterity; for my memory; for my family and friends; for the curious.  It’s also a useful mechanism for processing this journey.  How have these places changed me? How have I changed the world by traveling? Is taking a gap year selfish and privileged? Or am I taking it upon myself to become more informed and educated about the world outside the US, and therefore enriching my experience of the world?

What is the benefit to anyone else if I travel?

Please comment whenever you wish! This blog may be part philosophy and part autobiography, and your notes can help enrich both of those parts.